Jacob Jeppesen

Jacob Jeppesen

Company: Novo Nordisk

Job title: Vice President Type 2 Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Research


Panel Discussion: Liver Organoids, Precision-Cut Liver Slices & Animal Models: Interrogating Diverse Preclinical Models to Understand Pathophysiology & Screen Targets 12:00 pm

Which are the best preclinical models? Recapitulating complex architecture and metabolic function in liver tissue to test therapeutic efficacy Investigating emerging platforms and technologies for disease modeling and regenerative therapy From research to therapeutics application: bringing the translational gapRead more

day: Day 2 Stream 1 AM

Panel Discussion: Agents, Trial Design & Collaboration: Breaking New Ground in Combination Therapy with Multiple Mechanisms of Action 9:30 am

Navigating different combinations of therapeutic agents: what can you combine? Crafting protocols around current standard for care Collaborate to innovate: examining rationale for cross-industry partnerships to forge synergistic combination therapiesRead more

day: Day One

Holistic Approaches to Cardiometabolic Disease: Common Disease Pathology, Comorbidities & Combination Therapies 8:30 am

Obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes: addressing the underlying common disease pathology and outcomes – what can we demonstrate in clinical trials? GLP-1 receptor agonists: what are the next steps in treating cardiometabolic disease? Human-centric approaches to drug development: how do we approach the holistic patient view in cardiometabolic disease from a pre-clinical perspectives in the…Read more

day: Day One

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