Conference Agenda

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Michelle Long International Medical Vice President, NASH, Novo Nordisk

Assessing Latest Breakthroughs From the Last 6 Months in NASH Reversal & Dual & Tri-Agonists for Weight Loss

8:30 am Illuminating the Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Resmetirom & Outlining the Safety & Efficacy Results for Treating NASH

  • Rebecca Taub Founder, Chief Executive & Medical Officer, President - Research & Development, Madrigal Pharmaceuticals


  • Leveraging the learnings of a multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 study
  • How were non-invasive measures used?
  • Comprehending the primary and secondary efficacy endpoints used to characterize the potential clinical benefits on cardiovascular endpoints

9:00 am CagriSemi for Weight Management – From Discovery to the Clinic

  • Bei Zhang Corporate Vice President, Novo Nordisk


  • CagriSema combines the actions of semaglutide and cagrilintide to improve several aspects of metabolism
  • CagriSema displays dual efficacy of robust glycaemic control and body weight loss
  • Weight loss of a higher magnitude contributes to additional glycaemic control and may have potential disease modifying effects

9:30 am Targeting GLP-1R & GIPR in a Novel Biospecific Mechanism to Advance a Longer-Acting Therapy for Weight-Loss


  • Synergistic effects on weight loss and metabolic parameters in preclinical obese models
  • Balancing durability, efficacy and safety to attain significant reduction in body weight
  • Demonstrating competitive advantage with a first-in-class mechanism in Phase 1 and beyond and advancing a Phase 2 dose-ranging trials to demonstrate significant and durable weight loss

10:00 am Enzymatic Clearance of Excess Free Cholesterol Reduces NASH Pathology in Models of Disease


  • Excess intracellular free cholesterol is hypothesized to drive NASH pathology
  • Developing a LNP-mRNA therapy that expresses a cholesterol-degrading fusion protein in the liver
  • 4 to 8 weeks of weekly dosing with the Repair Biotechnologies therapy significantly reduces NASH associated biomarkers and histology in mouse models of disease

10:30 am Speed Networking & Morning Break


Keen to shake hands and introduce yourself to the biggest minds working in the obesity & NASH? This is your opportunity to boost your contact list and establish purposeful business relationships.

Track A: Preclinical & Translational Track

Better Recapitulating NASH & Obesity in Preclinical Models to Improve Translational Success
Track Moderator:

11:30 am Three-Dimensional Primary Cell Based Liver Models Accurately Predict Clinical Outcomes of NASH Compared to Animal Models


  • Moving away from 2D models and paving the way towards translational sucess with 3D cell-based models
  • Accurately predicting clinical sucess and failure with novel 3D human cell-based models
  • Revealing a physiologically relevant platform for NASH drug discovery efforts

12:00 pm A Once Daily Oral GLP-1R Full Agonist RGT-028 Improves Metabolic Profiles in Obese & Diabetic Cynomolgus Monkeys

  • Feng Liu Executive Director, Regor Therapeutics


  • Suppressing food intake, improving glucose tolerance and lipid profiles
  • Demonstrating superior pharmacological profile and favorable therapeutic index with approved IND
  • Strategizing combination therapies for NASH

12:30 pm Evaluation of FASN inhibitor & GLP-1 Combination in Preclinical NASH Model


  • Evaluating the fatty acid synthase (FASN) inhibitor and GLP-1 combination
  • Assessing the anti-fibrotic efficacy by AI digital pathology
  • Understanding MOAs of combination by transcriptomics 

Track B: Clinical, Regulatory & Outcomes Track

Exploring the Next Generation of Combination Therapies & Assessing Their Safety in Clinical Trials
Track Moderators:

  • Michelle Long International Medical Vice President, NASH, Novo Nordisk
  • Sophie Megnien Chief Medical Officer, Summit Clinical Research

11:30 am Moving Beyond GLP1: Disentangling a FGF21 & GLP-1 Combination Therapy

  • Michelle Long International Medical Vice President, NASH, Novo Nordisk


  • Discussing the synergies between the different mechanisms of action to target NASH
  • Outlining the current trial design
  • Unravelling the challenges and opportunities of moving into further development

12:00 pm Markers of the Extracellular Matrix May be Used to Understand Patient Endotyping & Therapeutical Effects in Patients with Steatotic Liver Disease

  • Diana Julie Leeming Director - Fibrosis Biomarkers Hepatic and Pulmonary Research, Nordic Bioscience


  • The extracellular matrix (ECM) plays a crucial role in liver fibrosis, making neoepitope markers valuable for understanding patient endotypes
  • Neoepitope markers of the ECM may be used as potential non-invasive test to displaying pharmacodynamic effects
  • The monitoring of the ECM remodelling may can contribute help understanding disease progression in SLD

12:30 pm Disentangling Cutting-Edge Insights in Combination Therapy for Obesity & NASH Treatment

  • Xinle Wu Chief Scientific Officer & Head of Research, Sciwind Biosciences


  • Combination of GLP-1 and other mechanism has potential to lead to better therapeutic profile
  • GIP, Amylin and GDF15 demonstrated synergy with GLP-1R agonist
  • Unravelling novel considerations for designing combination studies

1:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

2:00 pm Harnessing Gene Therapy for Prevalent Metabolic Indications


  • Novel preclinical animal models to assess metabolic dysfunction
  • Unravelling a class of new targets to optimize treatment of NASH and obesity
  • Detailing the newest data and next steps forward

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Deliberating the Benefits & Challenges of Current Preclinical Models to Move Towards Translational Success


  • Increasing the relevance and accessibility of animal models to ease and shorten the drug discovery process
  • How are rats and mice used to replicate NASH?
  • Assessing the ability to recapitulate more than one aspect of disease

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

2:00 pm SRT-015: A Second-Generation ASK1 Inhibitor for Liver Diseases Including NASH

  • Kathleen Elias Co-Founder & Vice President - Research & Translational Medicine, Seal Rock Therapeutics


  • SRT-015 treatment results in direct inhibition of apoptosis, inflammation and fibrosis in vitro and in vivo
  • Liver-selective small molecule efficacious in a chronic, therapeutic DIO-NASH preclinical model and in multiple acute liver models
  • Demonstrated safety in Phase 1 clinical trials; ideal single or combination therapy

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Navigating the Evolving NASH Landscape to Apprehend the Future of Combination Therapies & Optimize Treatment

  • Xinle Wu Chief Scientific Officer & Head of Research, Sciwind Biosciences
  • Jingye Zhou Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Eccogene
  • Kathleen Elias Co-Founder & Vice President - Research & Translational Medicine, Seal Rock Therapeutics
  • Sophie Megnien Chief Medical Officer, Summit Clinical Research


  • Deliberating the best approaches to position GLP-1s for different indications, mono therapy, and combination therapy
  • How are we maximizing the use of injectables and oral medicines?
  • Uniting towards a shared goal to advances towards efficacious NASH treatments through collaborative efforts

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:10 pm Scientific Poster Session


This Poster Session is your go-to session to obtain competitive insights, deeply connect with your peers and present your most innovative work. Scientific posters will be presented on the most cutting-edge discovery efforts and clinical development for obesity & NASH that have the potential to drive the field forward.

For more information or to submit your abstract, please email