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Antaros Medical

Expertise Partner

Antaros Medical is pioneering imaging methods, using MRI* and PET**, to both design and deliver clinical imaging studies.
Applied with our extensive experience and expertise in drug development and disease biology, our tailored solutions have
helped our customers to solve complex problems to empower confident decision-making at every stage of clinical drug
development, from small mechanistic studies to large scale studies. Disease areas: CV, renal & metabolic diseases and

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repair biotech

Repair Biotechnologies

Industry Partner

Repair Biotechnologies is a preclinical biotech that develops gene therapies to reverse conditions such as NASH and
atherosclerosis, in which pathology is driven in large part by a cytotoxic excess of intracellular free cholesterol. Enzymatic
clearance of this toxic excess cholesterol has been shown to produce a rapid, safe, and sizable improvement in disease biomarkers and histology in animal models of NASH and atherosclerosis.

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nordic bioscience

Nordic Bioscience

Program Partner

Nordic Bioscience is a Danish biomarker company headquartered in Herlev, Denmark. Nordic Bioscience is engaged in biomarker development using our unique neoepitope technology. We combine
our expertise in biomarker development with preclinical and clinical research. This enables us to develop biomarkers that provide fast and objective decision-making for compound selection and development in clinical trials and provide value for patients in a diagnostic setting.

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Summit Clinical Research

Hosting Partner

Summit is the world’s leading Integrated Research Organization (IRO) in the field of hepatology research. Established in 2018, Summit’s foundations are deeply rooted in expanding the understanding of liver disease from onset of diagnosis through management of the disease process. Summit is an organization committed to company culture, employee retention, and therapeutic expertise, and quality. Summit delivers a full spectrum of study oversight, enrollment, and site enrichment services, utilizing strategic partnerships and sites from within our network. We have a passion for supporting drug development therapy in chronically ill patient populations and are well renowned for our leadership in hepatology.

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MLM Medical Labs

Exhibition Partner


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